EWADE 2011
10th European Workshop on Aircraft
Design Education - Naples 2011

University of Naples "Federico II"
Faculty of Engineering

Dept. Aerospace Engineering

10th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
24 - 27 May 2011, Naples, Italy


Organizer: Prof. Fabrizio Nicolosi
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering - Via Claudio, 21 80125 Napoli
Faculty of Engineering
University of Naples "Federico II"
Secretariat: Prof. Agostino De Marco, agodemar _at_ unina _dot_ it
Ing. Prierluigi Della Vecchia, pierluigi _dot_ dellavecchia _at_ unina _dot_ it
Ing. Stephane D'Urso, sdstig _at_ gmail _dot_ com
Mrs. Melina Puleo
Registration: Anyone interested in registering should contact the organizer by e-mail including the following information: Arrival and departure days, Title and authors of the presentation.
Participants should contact the hotel to make his/her own reservation.
Travel/accomodation enquiries and assistance: Mrs. Melina Puleo, melinapuleo@gmail.com