EWADE 2011
10th European Workshop on Aircraft
Design Education - Naples 2011

University of Naples "Federico II"
Faculty of Engineering

Dept. Aerospace Engineering

10th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education
24 - 27 May 2011, Naples, Italy

General Info

This workshop is intended as a forum for academic staff active in aircraft design education at European universities. For further information about the European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE) and the workshops in previous years, please visit the EWADE Homepage: http://www.AircraftDesign.org.

Organizer: Prof. Fabrizio Nicolosi
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering - Via Claudio, 21 80125 Napoli
Faculty of Engineering
University of Naples "Federico II"
Workshop locations: Download the PDF with directions to get to the Workshop locations
25 May 2011
University of Naples
Conference Center
Via Partenope, 36 - Napoli
26 May 2011
University of Naples
Faculty of Engineering
P.le Tecchio, 80 - Napoli
27 May 2011
PICO-Codex Auditorium
(close to Faculty of Engineering)
via Terracina 230 - Napoli
Organizing Committee: Prof. Fabrizio Nicolosi, fabrnico@unina.it
Prof. Agostino De Marco, agodemar _at_ unina _dot_ it
Ing. Prierluigi Della Vecchia, pierluigi _dot_ dellavecchia _at_ unina _dot_ it
Ing. Stephane D'Urso, sdstig at_ gmail _dot_ com
Registration: Anyone interested in registering should contact the organizer by e-mail including the following information: Arrival and departure days, Title and authors of the presentation.
Participants should contact the hotel to make his/her own reservation.